Jay Cutler impressive in first Practice

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Davie, FL– The Miami Dolphins took the field on Tuesday for Day 10 of their training camp practices, and their new signal-caller appeared to the fans for the first time.

Newcomer unretired quarterback Jay Cutler took the field for the 1st time with his new team. Cutler signed a 1-year/$10 million deal with the Dolphins over the weekend and is projected, based on his salary, to be the new starter replacing veteran backup Matt Moore.

It wasn’t hard to spot Cutler on the field today. He was back wearing #6– the same number he wore throughout his time in Denver and Chicago. 2nd-year backup QB Brandon Doughty orginally wore #6 for the team, but it appears he and Cutler came to some sort of agreement to make the change. Doughty now wears #7.

In warm-ups, Cutler looked sharp and accurate. Making passes to the outside and upfield. His location was perfect, except on 1 early throw to the outside that fell low.


Later in 1-on-1 drills (WR vs. CB), Cutler showed off his armstrength and touch by hitting wide receiver Jakeem Grant deep down the right sideline and tight end Julius Thomas in the seem.

Before he was signed, concerns on Cutler’s arm were raised due to a shoulder injury he suffered last year ending his final season with the Bears on Injured-Reserve.


“It’s good,” said the new quarterback about his arm. “I think a couple more days and I’ll be back and it’ll be 100.”

Adam Gase didn’t notice a change when asked if he noticed a difference in Cutler’s game.

“Same as I saw him last time,” said Gase.

“You don’t need to worry about arm strength.”

When the team got to 11-on-11’s, Matt Moore took the first set of reps with the starters followed by Cutler. However, neither had any highlights in scrimmage and Jay’s reps were few due to it being his 1st practice and catching up on the playbook as quickly as he can.

It seems like there has been some tweaks to the Gase offense that Cutler played in 2 years ago.

“It’s like a crash course, but you already took the course before,” Cutler said. “Some of the running game has changed, the passing-game is still relatively the same, protection has been changed up a little bit…”

“I’m a couple months behind these guys,” Cutler went on. “You kind of want to catch up pretty quickly, but you know that these guys are a few weeks ahead of me. I’ll have to put in all that extra work. We’ll get caught up pretty quick.”

“It’ll come back to me.”

Gase commented on Cutler’s learning curve after practice saying that his biggest adjustment will be learning the offenses terminology.

Playing in northern cities like Denver and Chicago for 11 seasons can be quite chilly during football season, Cutler is still getting used to the climate in the South Florida sun. But reassured the media that heat wouldn’t be affecting his game.

“It’s a little hotter out than I’m used to… I thought it wasn’t bad. Is this hot? Normal? Ah… this is fine.”

Cutler also gave his respects to Miami Dolphins legend Dan Marino who introduced himself. He commented on his meeting with Marino and what his presence means to the team.

“It’s awesome to have a guy like that in the building. To have him around and his expertise, especially at the quarterback position, to see him around makes guys fired up.”

Will he be seeking advice from Marino and his experience on the game? You bet.

“He’s been through it all, experienced it all, high’s and low’s, and played at the top of the game. So to have a dude like that at your disposal, you got to use him.”

The Dolphins will take the field for their first preseason game on Thursday against the Falcons. Initial reports were Cutler will not play in the game, but he expects to be ready by the next preseason game. Although it’s not a certainty, he added.

Other Notes:

– RB Jay Ajayi (concussion) was back in practice for the first time. He did some warm ups, but did not participate in contact drills. His appearance in the preseason game is not expected. Gase said he’d be hard pressed to play Ajayi on Thursday.

– OT Sam Young, the Dolphins swing tackle, filled in for Laremy Tunsil today. Young looked solid at the left tackle position. Gase said he’s not sure if Tunsil will play in preseason opener.

– WR Leonte Carroo caught a pass from Matt Moore across the middle. Carroo beat coverage with plenty of room to run. Also, had another catch and a score in redzone work from Moore.

– WR Kenny Stills returned.

– DT Davon Godchaux practiced with 1st-team D-line.

– Starting safety Nate Allen (groin) & LB Neville Hewitt (shoulder) did not practice.



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11 Responses to Jay Cutler impressive in first Practice

  1. David says:

    looks like Cutler is still in shape.

    dude ripped it at first day practice.

  2. David says:

    its frustrating RT went down in August.

    season is here and options are few and picked over.
    yesterdays practice surprised some people, but not Gase.
    He KNOWS the season is here, and a plug and play veteran qb was the only logical choice.
    the best fit for Miami in August 2017 is without a doubt, Cutler.

    If ANY other QB was brought in, would take 4-8 weeks to get up to speed with the Gase offense.

    a dose of patience is needed here, because Gase used his contigency plan, and has the situation covered.

    Gase is a damn good coach, one of the best .
    this is a gorgeous bandaid solution.
    its so good that RT might not be able to unseat him in 2018.

    Kudos to our FO for clarity and courage in a difficult challenge!
    Lets Do this, tommorrow is Atlanta, PS1. !!!!!

  3. Marinofan13 says:

    I’m playing around on Spotrac with their tools (fun for me!). Although we’re looking extremely bad in terms of cap space next year right now, I can get us to $25.5 under the cap with 4 moves…
    1) Cut Byron Maxwell ($0 dead money, $10M in savings)
    2) Cut Ja’Wuan James ($0 dead money, $9.3M in savings)
    3) Restructure Mike Pouncey ($5.4M in savings… and who knows, maybe we’ll just cut him after he goes down again: $2M dead money, $9M in savings)
    4) Restructure Ryan Tannehill ($12.5M in savings)


    This is but one way to go about it, and this assumes that Tannehill makes a full recovery and we don’t re-sign Cutler (way, WAY too early to call at the moment, OBVIOUSLY). Doing this ensures we make payroll, are able to re-sign Jarvis Landry, and we’d have a little extra $$$ to spend on replacements via FA.

    Strictly IMO… Maxwell and James are already marked men; they won’t be here next year regardless of the seasons they have. As such, you KNOW I’ll be heavily scouting CBs and Tackles this year in the college ranks. And I’m certainly keeping my eyes on QBs as well.

  4. PB Fin Fam says:

    Good stuf David, thanks for posting. I enjoyed your comment as well we are shitting gold with coach Gase!

    • David says:

      thanks, Im feeling better about the season.
      thanks MF for Your cap savings idea, but i hope Juwuan James makes it though.

  5. David says:

    MF, We gotta scout the NCAA QB,s closely this year, because theres a solid chance we go for one of the first round studs.

    the 2018 QB draft prospects look very promising, they are a deep and talented bunch.

  6. David says:

    and I would LOVE to see Lamar Jackson as our pick ☺

  7. David says:

    The 30 foot blow up Trump chicken behind the White House HAS to go. Security didn’t see the giant chicken being inflated? Didn’t remove it? That’s stunningly weak!

    I can appreciate the message behind the Trump chicken parody of the real life chicken who won’t show his taxes, can’t manage foreign policy, and has bad ideas and deceitful games, coupled with no coherent strategies or substance.
    but I can’t help but feel uncomfortable at the total lack of security at the WH, and the embarrassment that this country is going through with a weak puppet leader who’s always on vacation.

    I have tried to not say much about the White House crisis, but blow up animals behind the White House are just going TOO far. WTF. We are the laughingstock of the world now.

    Also Russian jets buzzed the White House, capital, and CIA buildings yesterday.
    The Russian jets also buzzed Guam, Alaska, Hawaii, and even Trump Tower.

    The country is being ridiculed and humiliated by foreign powers and plastic hooligans. We need strong and capable leadership at the White House, not chickenhawks and chickens who roll over for a dollar

    • Tim Knight says:

      The unarmed Russian plane that flew over some of our territories is not a big deal and it took off from Ohio. This is the sort of thing that gets spewed as alarming when we were well aware of it. In fact we had some of our own Air Force personnel aboard the aircraft. We do the same thing over Russia.

      If we’re the laughing stock of the world, then some other countries are downright hilarious. Let’s keep things in perspective.

      • David says:

        a 30 foot trump chicken behind the white house shows a lack of security and shows weak leadership.

        yea, the worlds laughing at the weak leader always on vacation

  8. David says:

    btw we have plenty of things to worry about, like everything our weak leadership isnt getting done.

    but im super busy working today, the president always on vacation needs to handle that, not Me.
    I am so done with todays debate, back to work, have a great day

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