What does Ryan Tannehill’s future hold with the Dolphins?

The Dolphins struck a one-year deal with quarterback Jay Cutler worth as much as $13 million, giving them a significant amount of capital committed in salary-cap dollars to the position for 2017. Injured starter Ryan Tannehill is responsible for $20,300,000 of that total.

But unfortunately for Tannehill, the team can earn some much-needed relief toward their 2018 salary cap without him.

This is brutal timing for the former first-round pick, who signed a six-year, $95.272 million deal back in 2015, which was essentially a bundled gr

oup of one-year deals after the 2016 season. At a point very early in the league year next year, the Dolphins could opt to walk away from the deal for a sum far less than the $19.8 million Tannehill is set to count for next year. They might also view it as one more proving ground year for Tannehill — after all, $19.8 million isn’t much more than the $18.5 million the Bears are paying Mike Glennon in a bridge quarterback-type role.

It’s an unfortunate confluence of events. Ndamukong Su

h‘s contract balloons to include a $26,100,000 cap hit, taking up a significant amount of the total cap. Tannehill approaches the age of 30 and, with the Dolphins potentially nearing a natural overhauling point for their roster, the team could simply look to move on from a passer with knee issue that dates back to last December when he partially tore his ACL. NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport noted Sunday that Miami coach Adam Gase made a serious push for Cutler after it became clear that Tannehill could need season-ending knee surgery

If you count Tannehill’s deal as essentially a one-year deal for 2017, the Dolphins would have zero quarterbacks under contract for the 2018 season if they part ways with their former first-round pick — a scary but enticing proposition for a young head coach with personnel sway and a potentially loaded quarterback draft class coming in 2018.

As a few

Arizona Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell (93) tackles Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill (17), during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 11, 2016, in Miami Gardens, Fla. Tannehill was injured on the play. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

analysts wondered on Inside Training Camp Live shortly after the Cutler news broke Sunday, is this the last pass we’ve seen Tannehill throw for the Miami Dolphins? Where might he go from here?

It would have seemed like a silly question given how stubbornly confident Gase was in Tannehill’s abilities a little more than a year ago. And Tannehill did grow under his new head coach last season, playing effectively enough over 13 games to put Miami in position to make the playoffs. Until Tannehill decides on a medical option for his knee and until the Dolphins fully understand the scope of Tannehill’s issue, he will no doubt be supported by Gase and the rest of the organization. But the NFL waits for no man.

The silver lining for Tannehill is that, whenever he gets healthy, he will have work. Once the speculative smoke clears, he could remain with a Dolphins organization that seems to be enamored by his potential. As we saw during this offseason’s free agency period, the mad dash for quarterback talent bestows a jealousy-inducing amount of money for players with even replacement-level starting abilities. Miami could very well decide that no one, even a high-upside rookie, could serve them better than Tannehill.

The difficult part might be accepting the end of something promising.

If Tannehill’s 2016 season was projected out over a full 16 games, his final numbers would end up extremely close to the 2015 season Cutler produced alongside Gase in Chicago that nearly everyone in the media is praising Sunday (3,659 yards, 21 TDs to 11 picks). Tannehill was handling the ball better, taking far fewer sacks and increased his passer rating to the highest total of his career. Miami was most certainly the best place for him to continue growing, as there is no guarantee he’ll find another home with a gifted, quarterback-whispering head coach again.

So what happens next? With the Cutler deal Sunday, the Dolphins have essentially made it clear who their starter is for the foreseeable future this season. Tannehill will have to wait to find his own clarity.

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28 Responses to What does Ryan Tannehill’s future hold with the Dolphins?

  1. David says:

    Lamar Jackson 2018 🙂

  2. Marinofan13 says:

    Barry Jackson‏Verified account @flasportsbuzz 9m9 minutes ago
    For those wondering about viability of a Tannehill pay cut in 2018, not so fast. Some points raised by NFL people:

    • David says:

      he may not even be here, the 2018 draft is loaded with QB, and I have my hopes up on Lamar Jackson.

      imagine if Gase could work with Jackson and get the most out of him, dude had almost 60 TDs last year for Louisville

  3. David says:

    I like RT, it sucks this happenned.

    but its two years gone with him now, and no guarantees he will be ready for 2018 either.

    if in fact he cant go first game of 2018, then we may have to trade or cut him, we cant pay all that money out for nothing

  4. David says:

    from the article that MF posted above, the Herald story with a zillion ads and popups, lol

    it appears as if there is no money for Jarvis Landry after the Cutler signing, not even next year either because of the damn carryover rule.

    its too early for next year, but it looks like we may have spent ourselves out of the Landry market unless some heads roll or someone takes a pay cut (no one wants too)

  5. David says:

    Yahoo Sports seriously jumped the gun announcing the Cutler signing, and a couple of “geniuses” pointed out that it was a stupid article.

    well, it was more prophetic than stupid, so i have vindication of sorts, lol

    i do wonder how they got word of it before many others.
    my guess is everyone got wind of it about the same time, but some went with it while others needed more confirmation first.

    its not fake news, lol its more like premature ejaculation

    • Marinofan13 says:

      No, the Yahoo article was INDEED “FAKE NEWS”. Adam Gase almost lost his cool having to address the matter yesterday. Gase didn’t speak to Cutler before last night… and the Yahoo article came out 24 hours prior.

      • David says:

        The article says the Dolphins signed Cutler for 13 million for one year.

        Now we find out that Cutler was signed for 1 year, maximum of contract is 13 million for a year.

        One can call it fake, but no one can say it was wrong, Yahoo nailed the truth, albeit very early

        • David says:

          It’s possible someone’s lying, or someone leaked out what was going to happen later?

          Either way, Yahoo got it right, but should have prefaced it with a this is coming, not this just happened

          • Cooz says:

            The WAY that Yahoo did it was irresponsible.

            There are very specific rules that people learn in ‘Journalism School’……. and one of the protocols is NOT to risk compromising a situation by releasing a story until the process runs it’s course.

            They could have seriously screwed up the Dolphins chances to reach a deal.

          • David says:

            i agree and think they fucked up too. but it is strange they got the details correct, someone was talking about the numbers and the signing before it happened.

  6. David says:

    But i do wonder how Yahoo got the correct story, way too damn early.
    Obviously someone gave them the info.

    • Cooz says:

      The guy I trust the most is Salguero…

      He know when to keep secrets
      as well as how to present appropriate facts.

      I prefer his sources and his writing style.

      • David says:

        oh I love Mando as well, just hate the incredible amount of popup ads the Herald does.

        but Mando has a earned reputation, and He tries to maintain it

  7. ElephantRider says:

    Can just tag Landry if they cant agree. No biggie. It’ll all get done. This season will be big for setting the stage 2018

  8. David says:

    Ya know, i WAS all about the In Gase We trust, but the FO has squandered that unearned trust. Our FO is not nearly as intelligent as what we think. case in point:

    Prior to agreeing to a deal with former Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, the Miami Dolphins “considered” signing Tim Tebow — who is currently playing in left field for the Mets’ Single-A affiliate — according to the Miami Herald.

    We considered a white minor league baseball player , but did not seem to seriously consider a black football player, Our wonderful FO doesn’t get My unearned trust anymore.
    there are red flags on our FO, SMH

    • Cooz says:

      Yeah……well…I would have lost my freaking mind if they brought Tebow in……
      It would have been the W i l d c a t
      all over again. (…which, by the way the team is no longer built for.)

      (I’ll be happy to watch Tim play baseball at City Field 🙂

      I can not believe that any of the ‘football’ people in the Front Office actually ever considered him.

      It must have been the goofy Marketing people.

  9. Marinofan13 says:

    David says:
    August 6, 2017 at 10:34 pm
    It’s possible someone’s lying, or someone leaked out what was going to happen later?

    Either way, Yahoo got it right, but should have prefaced it with a this is coming, not this just happened
    No, Yahoo DIDN’T get it right, even in retrospect. They didn’t have the $$$ right, they didn’t have the years right, they were wrong that we had ever signed Cutler, and they were wrong that Adam Gase had even spoken to Cutler before late last night.

    Gase has been waiting to see what Tannehill and his options were before definitively signing a new QB. It wasn’t until later TODAY that Gase realized Tanny was going to go under the knife. Did ya hear how pizzed off Gase was yesterday about the bullshit Yahoo news report? I couldn’t help but notice that YOU got played about 3 times, David, LOL! 😆

    FUCK this #FakeNews BS. I’m really getting tired of it, and you should too, man. ANYTHING that comes from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NYT, WaPo, or any other liberal outlet is now illegit. Why? Because they are LIBERAL, RACIST, and ANTI-AMERICAN. They HATE minorities, just like Colin Kaepernick HATES minorities (see American-Cubans).

    Kaepernick is a fascist, racist, liberal white asshole. And just like you, David, I can’t STAND racism.

    I’m not sure why you are willing to STAND for Kap while he SITS against you as a fellow white man.

    I’m pretty sure that Kap is as ‘white’ as you are David… unless you somehow think he’s ‘tainted’ as black, being he’s mulatto. Don’t be that way.

    I’ll NEVER understand how one can be LABELED black or white… nor how one can choose one side over the other, even as mulatto.

    I guess Kap one day woke up and decided that he was “black” and not “white”… kind of like Bruce Jenner decided that he was no longer a man, but a woman instead. What??? Okay… WTF?!!

    • David says:

      Then the news came down and it was confirmed that the Dolphins and the former Chicago Bears QB agreed to a one-year, $13-million contract, according to Yahoo Sports.

      MF, how did they get the one year wrong? lol dont tell me its more, ugghhh
      also i heard the max number was 13 million, but of course i havent seen the contract.

      but its not a big deal if Yahoos is wrong, lol was just looking at it

      and its quite obvious what is going on with Kaepernick, he was receiving all kinds of hate, YEARS AGO, well before his castro comments or knee bending at anthems

      were the haters prophetic, or racist? i guess its a matter of opinion

      • David says:

        its also obvious,

        We didnt sign Kaepernick
        We dont agree on the reason why not

        thats fine, but we have to move forward, nothings gonna change 🙂

    • David says:

      also Kaep isnt white , Hes technically a mulatto, had interracial parents.

    • Cooz says:

      Here’s one that should keep everyone up at night…

      FAKE NEWS will ultimately destroy everyone’s ability to participate meaningfully in Democracy.

      …and it doesn’t matter whether the culprits are the Democrats, the Republicans, or an adversarial Foreign Power.


      The most elite Political Consulting firms have already become experts at this technique.


      So…..I hope that all of the ‘dramatic indictments’ and
      ‘outrageous’ name calling has made everyone feel good.

      The joke will be on all of us when China and Russia take over.

      Eventually…….Few ordinary Americans will know what is
      ‘true’, ‘false’, right, or wrong.

      This is far bigger than you think.
      It has NOTHING to do with being Liberal or Conservative.

      It will simply be a sad ending to a once great Country.

      • David says:

        what will fake white house do to the country?
        How will bringing in staff, and firing them help us?
        i could go on forever, the country is fucked lol but good night

  10. David says:

    KaepErnick is fascist? but he always gets bitched at for being too Socialist and liberal, lol

    sucks to be him, he gets blamed both ways! lol

  11. David says:

    FUCK this #FakeNews BS. I’m really getting tired of it, and you should too, man. ANYTHING that comes from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NYT, WaPo, or any other liberal outlet is now illegit. Why? Because they are LIBERAL, RACIST, and ANTI-AMERICAN. They HATE minorities, just like Colin Kaepernick HATES minorities (see American-Cubans).

    damn MF< Do You really believe this? it seems impossible to believe ! exactly how did National Enquirer and suck tiny orange dick Fox news get to be real? I cant trust the russian elect pathological liar trying to shift blame by lying about fake news. its childish, old, and silly. the press does a damn good job IMO, they are far more accurate than the garbage lies from the white house trying to make the thin skinned russian elect happy

    • David says:

      the free press is part of the constitution, anyone wanting to stifle the free press is unconstitutional

      if the press is wrong, they cant be called out by anyone that is untruthful, thats hypocritical

  12. David says:

    why do republicans bitch about liberals all week, then go pray to one on Sundays, lmao

    good nite, Im not going to waste a good nights sleep over conservatives that enjoy taking away everything from the middle class, ,
    and giving out welfare, corporate breaks, and tax cuts to the rich instead.

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