Dolphins injury updates

DAVIE, Fla. — Miami Dolphins Pro Bowl running back Jay Ajayi was diagnosed with a concussion and ruled out of Wednesday’s practice, coach Adam Gase confirmed.

Ajayi was hit hard several times in Monday’s full-contact practice and left the field early. The timeline for his recovery is yet to be determined.

“He’s in concussion protocol. They’re handling it,” Gase said. “The trainers are dealing with that.”

He led the Dolphins last season with 1,272 rushing yards and eight touchdowns, which earned the running back his first Pro Bowl nod. Ajayi has worked diligently this offseason in catching the ball out of the backfield in order to be a three-down tailback.

“We had a certain plan for him anyways in the preseason on what he was going to do and when he was going to do it,” Gase said. “… [Getting hurt] doesn’t take away a lot of what we were going to do with him.”

Gase said Ajayi could get an increased workload this coming season if healthy. Backup running backs Kenyan Drake and Damien Williams will share first-team reps with the Dolphins until Ajayi returns.

The Dolphins also activated starting safety Reshad Jones off the non-football injury list. Jones is eligible to practice for the first time since training camp opened on July 27.




Miami Dolphins wide receiver Isaiah Ford injured his knee last Saturday and hasn’t practiced since then. On Wednesday we learned that the rookie might not see the field at all in 2017.

Dolphins rookie WR Isaiah Ford (7th rd) had knee surgery today, source says. Timeline for his recovery is TBD, though IR is a possibility.

According to multiple reports, Ford had knee surgery on Wednesday. Earlier in the day, Dolphins head coach Adam Gase told reporters that the team was waiting on a second opinion before deciding on Ford.

“We’re in no rush right now, Gase said.”

It appears that injured reserve is very much in the cards for Ford, who was drafted in the seventh round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Despite being a late round pick, many thought Ford had an excellent chance to make the Dolphins final 53-man roster. In his last season at Virginia Tech, Ford recorded 79 catches for 1,094 yards and seven touchdowns.  For his efforts, Ford was a 2016 Second-Team All-ACC selection.

Now that Ford could be out for the season, Leonte Carroo and Jakeem Grant are likely to make the final roster again coming out of training camp. The Ford injury will also give young receivers such as Drew Morgan, Malcolm Lewis,  Jordan Westerkamp, Francis Owusu and Mitch Mathews a better opportunity to make the team’s final roster.

Miami’s first preseason game will be on August 10 at Hard Rock Stadium against the Atlanta Falcons.

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30 Responses to Dolphins injury updates

  1. David says:

    Ford already had his surgery yesterday so hes done for this season, finished before he ever started.

    Ajayi gets a break, He should be fresh and ready to bust people up in September

  2. David says:

    add Tannehill to injured list, SMH

    he limped off the practice field today

  3. ElephantRider says:


  4. David says:

    Team is fearing the worst on RT. It’s Been declared NOT a minor injury, AND it’s the same knee.
    I don’t even want to say what’s next for RT and Miami, but this could be it for RT

  5. David says:

    We will need to bring in a starting QB.
    We may have to trade or bring in a free agent.
    It’s slim pickings at this time of the season, Kapernick is likely the most talented FA out there.

  6. ElephantRider says:

    Heard everything from season ending surgery to back in a week or so….

  7. David says:

    Here’s to hope RT can return, because other options are not very attractive or conducive to winning at the NFL level.

  8. David says:

    Osweiler comes with a 16 million a year salary, and he sucks!
    Cutler isn’t tough enough for the NFL, retired and is in the booth.
    Kaepernick is the only viable option, if the Cubans in Miami will look the other way.

    Most of the crap swirling around Kaepernick is from white racists. Ironically the ones that believe in free speech, want to deny the black guy his.
    We have seen this before, but it’s 2017 and past time to respect our constitution, not cherry pick it for the white race. America is for all Americans, not for white male racists

  9. David says:

    Matt Moore gave us a zero chance of beating the Steelers in the wild card game, he’s just not good enough and unlikely to improve at his age IMO.

    And what if Moore goes down, we only have Doughty?
    One way or the other, a QB must be brought in.

  10. Marinofan13 says:

    We’re not going to sign Kaepernick. No way does Steve Ross and/or Adam Gase put up with that clown show of he and his girlfriend… especially after the whole Miko Grimes BS.

    DRUDGE REPORT‏ @DRUDGE_REPORT 13h13 hours ago
    Kaepernick’s Girlfriend Compares RAVENS Owner to Slave Owner…

    • David says:

      im not positive Ross and Gage make FO decisions based on drudge report articles.

      i dont know who We are bringing in, but i believe our FO will bring in either Kaep or Cutler, both have pros and cons or wouldnt be available

      • David says:

        there arent any great or good options, so we will have to lower expectations, lol. sorry to say it, but we arent going to playoffs with Moore, and cant win playoff games with Moore either.

        we Should try for someone, and of course RG3 is damaged goods too. SMH

    • David says:

      kaeps girlfriend Also has a right to free speech like all of us.

      Bisxiotti has admitted racism is denying Kaep a position in the NFL

  11. Marinofan13 says:

    Barry Jackson‏Verified account @flasportsbuzz 21s21 seconds ago
    New: Lots of newsy personnel nuggets from Dolphins DC Burke, including McMillan; McCain/Verner; Phillips/Godchaux:

  12. Marinofan13 says:

    David says:
    August 4, 2017 at 1:15 pm
    kaeps girlfriend Also has a right to free speech like all of us.

    Bisxiotti has admitted racism is denying Kaep a position in the NFL
    Freedom of speech isn’t in question here. Racism? Well, Kap’s girlfriend is a BLM sympathizer, Kap himself is Castro sympathizer, and they both have been vocal about “screw America”. Yes, they are both racists. I wouldn’t hire a racist either, regardless of race.

    • David says:

      I dont know Kaeps gf other than she feels like Kaep is being illegally discriminated because of race.
      its not the victims fault for speaking up, its their right.
      denying someone emploment for race is illegal and victims should speak out imo

      victims should never take abuse quietly, it only empowers the abusive

      • David says:

        btw if Kaeps gf has also illegally discriminated against race, shes wrong for that, but not wrong for her legal speech

  13. David says:

    Giselle Bundchen has slammed pats receivers, and pointed fingers after a sb loss.

    pats didnt fire brady, they ignored Giselle.

  14. David says:

    I’m not thrilled with Cutler, but the past relationship with Gase could be a deciding factor in the search for QB. If Gase recommends Cutler, which has not happened yet,then it’s probably a done deal.

    I’d be ok with bringing him in for insurance though.
    giving up picks or players in a trade deal for someone else carries costs and risks aplenty.

    Kaepernick is the best athlete, but it’s likely many fans won’t accept him because of the off field controversy.

    Cutler isn’t a long term solution, but if the price is right he could be a 2017 bandaid solution.

  15. Marinofan13 says:

    So we’ve got roughly $15.7M in cap space right now and we want to re-sign Jarvis Landry. Ted Larsen has a biceps injury and is going to miss some time into the regular season. We’re just waiting for Mike Pouncey to go down again. Camp is not yet over and I’m sure we’re going to see someone else get injured (let’s hope not). And I’m certain (as we have in the past) we intended to roll some cap space over to next year.

    Enter the injury to Ryan Tannehill. I’m going on logic and will now assume he’s going to need surgery: lost for the year. What do we do?

    A) Matt Moore is our starter and Brandon Doughty is our backup [keeping our $15.7M for other important matters (ie: Jarvis Landry)]
    B) Trade for another QB (starter or backup to Moore… mind our money and what we’re trading away)
    C) Sign a FA QB (starter or backup to Moore… mind our money)

    Option “A” is self-explanatory. Option “B” is something I’d only do for a cheaper, backup QB (minding our money)… I’m not making a blockbuster deal with our money situation, knowing Tannehill will be back next year. Option “C” is where most are going, so here’s my $.02…

    Kaepernick- OUT (South Florida nightmare)
    Cutler- OUT (he wants to be the starter and get PAID starter $$$… and we only have $15.7M to spend)
    RG3- POSSIBLY (he won’t break the bank and fits our Offense… but is he healthy?)
    Shaun Hill- MEH
    Thaddeus Lewis- MEH
    Zach Mettenberger- POSSIBLY (cheap, plus Ken and I have always liked him since his LSU days)
    Aaron Murray- POSSIBLY (cheap, plus Gase could make him into a SOLID QB. Good talent)

    I’d additionally offer the following option…
    D) Wait for the Vikings to cut either of Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Bradford, or Case Keenum. Keenum is the likely cut here, and he’ll cost a song (roughly $1M/per).

    Now some will say, “there goes M13 about his boy Casey Kasem again!”, LOL. Hey, he checks ALL the boxes for us (and has for some time): fits our Offense scheme, will come cheap, has been the starter for two different NFL teams (Texans and Rams), sent Andre Johnson to the Pro-Bowl in 2013, plays with a HUGE chip on his shoulder, he’s a 4.0 GPA grad of Houston, student of the game, and he’s as clean a character as there is in the league.

    To me, we want a price-friendly, capable, high-quality, former starting QB in here to compete with and push Matt Moore. Thus, my top options would be RG3 (if healthy) and Keenum. Coming in behind them would be Mettenberger and Murray. That is, IF we make any move (see option “A” above) at all.

  16. David says:

    fins reached out to Cutler, hope he has something left and doesn’t break the piggy bank ?

  17. Marinofan13 says:

    David says:
    August 4, 2017 at 4:20 pm
    Rigel, what do You think of Doughty?
    I will be honest, as ALWAYS. I don’t know very much about Doughty and he didn’t even register with me, being I wasn’t even following QBs for the ’16 Draft but for one Carson Wentz.

    From what I DO know about him? He’s a very accurate cat who demonstrates a lot of upside. Gase should be able to make him a serviceable QB, being Gase is a “QB whisperer”.

    The man to ask about Doughty? Prof Lou. He knows much more about him than I do, man.

    Prof Lou, where ya at, dude?!!

  18. ElephantRider says:

    Kaperdick aint coming. If he does I’ll watch the Jags.

    Moore will be the QB. He’s the no brainer choice. Nobody else out there is his level and with knowing the offense. Moore just runs the O and let the playmakers do their thing and this team can still do some things.

    I like Doughty. He just seems to make plays.

    Ted Larsen is injured and that is a big worry. I have not heard the severity of it.

  19. days64 says:

    David, I really like Doughty and believe that there will be a future for him on this team. Here is a nice piece of fluff about him.

    • David says:

      Ty days, he is rumored to have a very accurate arm, that’s certainly needed for his position, his biggest knock seems to be lack of NFL experience .

      He may get his experience this year, and I hope he makes the most of it!

  20. David says:

    Im not sold on Cutler, I remember him quitting on His team when they needed Him.
    Do We prefer the quitter over Kaepernick?

    Kaepernick has taken his team to a Super Bowl, Tannehill has never even taken us to the playoffs.
    but the white racists will never accept Kaepernick, a black man isnt allowed to speak out or have any rights in their unconstitutional minds.
    even the mere mention of this will pour fuel on the fire of white racists because they think blacks should just keep their place and keep quiet.
    Ignorance personified.

    Just mentioning Kaepernicks name, brings out hate and racist comments that are much worse than what Kaep did. white Racists are stupid and hypocritical, no wonder they have shitty hate filled lives in poverty and ignorance.

    its a sad day when a guy that could help us win games, isnt wanted because hes the wrong color, no way to spin it positive IMO

  21. David says:

    New Post Up on our new QB

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